Ide Claessen  |  Contemporary Art

Ide Claessen is presenting new work at her studio next Autumn.

Acrylic on Canvas / 70 x 100 m

AM series

In the AM series, the artist experiments with additive and subtractive layers trying to reveal interesting compositions and eliminating parts that are obsolete. Driven by the aspect of platforming and commonalities in machine manufacturing and the processes of additive manufacturing, she tries to investigate the similarities in both engineering, art & design thinking.
The paintings in this series contain often multiple layers and other paintings underneath to stay in a process of continuous improvement and reflection.

Acrylic on Canvas / 70 x 100 m

FLORES series

In the Flores Series, the artist taps into Ecological art to seek to preserve, remediate and/or vitalize the life forms, resources, and ecology of Earth, by applying the principles of ecosystems to living species. Through addition and subtraction an intuitive painting, she tries to investigate nature’s beauty to bring herself and the viewer in touch with the aspects of the ecosystem, trying to evoke emotions.

Acrylic on Canvas / 70 x 100 m

INTU series

Intu Series, stands for Intuition. By using a technique used in ‘business startup’ (observing, insight, Reason-to-believe, new idea), the artist built this series around intuitive scribbles, following observations and finding a framing to find a reason-to-believe. It is a commonly used technique to prevent copying behavior and to find true new solutions within high tech and engineering, to step away from tunnel vision.



Indigenous art is centered on storytelling. It is used as a chronicle to convey knowledge of the land, events, and beliefs of the indigenous people. The use of symbols is an alternate way to writing down stories of cultural significance, teaching survival and use of the land. Combined with the artist’s observations of material ecology, additive manufacturing, engineering,  she came to a contemporary series that simplifies the processes of endlessness, circularity, eco-systems and, maintaining these principles as a species.

Driven by observation, reflection, insight, benefit & reason-to-believe

transformed into visualization.


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