“He or she who doesn’t understand the layers of abstraction will merely understand the endless fields of positive creation and growth on any level in life (and business).


People will benefit from tapping into these layers, even though this may not come naturally.”

Ide Claessen (1972) is a former Belgian business executive, designer, engineer, and college professor who transformed into a contemporary artist. She is educated in design and industrial sciences and has degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard Business School in business strategy, innovation, and technology.


Her upbringing with a strong connection to nature, creativity, and education stimulated growth on various levels and made her a multidisciplinary creature, sometimes hard to pin down.


Inspired by the likes of Jeff Koons, who ‘used’ Wallstreet as a means to an end to become an artist, morphing business insights into art, and the renowned MIT professor and artist Neri Oxman, whose work touches both esthetics, engineering, science, and mathematics transforming it into ‘material ecology,’ visionary art and technology development. Ide herself has always envisioned strong links (and the lack of them in business and politics) in the areas of philosophy and economy, overarched by an aura of science, engineering, design & art, driven by culture and nature (The Krebs Cycle of creativity CFR. Neri Oxman) with awareness and reflection at the center.



Her work embodies the slow additive and subtractive layers of her perception of how the world, economics, and politics should be organized, opposing the fast growth and technocrat culture shaping world views and development today.


Leaving the digital world as a former way of expression partly behind, she is evolving to an interdisciplinary artist showcasing a great sense for esthetics while keeping her work inviting, lighthearted, feminine.